The Bradden Method Including Hydrogen & activated Oxygen Therapy

90 mins - £495.00


The Sarah Bradden Method has been specifically designed to treat you and your individual needs - simultaneously healing you on both the inside and outside. Each treatment is tailor-made; helping you restore balance, feel empowered, motivated, and to look and feel the best version of yourself with renewed mental wellbeing and self-love.

Described as a ‘spiritual reset and facelift’, Sarah credits facial acupuncture as a powerful anti-ageing practice to boost skin renewal and achieve a more youthful appearance. The finest quality needles are gently inserted into the face, neck, ears and body, combined with reiki, reflexology, massage, LED light therapy, infrared red, PEMF & amethyst crystal mat and activated oxygen, Sarah’s unique method helps create homeostasis within the system, leading to improved health, appearance and positive state of mind.

The new hydrogen oxygen Sarah now included in all her treatments is one of the most powerful antioxidants known. Its tiny size means it can reach places in the body (including the brain) that other therapies can’t. It acts as a great ‘clean up’ in cells and tissues throughout the body - major anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and healing properties! Activated Oxygen then comes in to optimise the function of all these ‘cleaned up’ cells; Increasing cell energy production, enhancing cell repair and regeneration and balancing the nervous system.

Together they’re the Cellular Optimisation Dream Team!

  • Anti-Ageing Super Antioxidant: Powerful, selective antioxidant, protecting cells from damage and minimising the effects of ageing.
  • Ultimate Detox & Cell Repair: Improving cell hydration, increasing the action of enzymes important in the detox process, and optimising cell repair.
  • Powerful Anti-Inflammatory: Reducing chronic inflammation and balancing the body’s immune response.
  • Brain-Protection: Penetrating the blood-brain-barrier and exerting multiple beneficial effects directly on brain cells and nerves.
  • Anti-Allergy: Strengthening cells against substances that can cause allergies and reducing release of allergy body chemicals.
  • Boost: Optimising mitochondrial function by making the cellular energy-production process more efficient.
  • Control of Gene Expression: Modulating vital enzyme production and modifying inflammation signals, to activate genes that protect cells and make them stronger and more resilient.
  • Gut Health Optimisation: Enhancing the gut lining against invading particles and increasing ‘good’ bacteria, whilst decreasing ‘bad’ bacteria inside the gut.

Add Compression Boot Therapy to your treatment? (additional £50.00)

Compression Therapy will help your body improve blood circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluid and enhance recovery.

  • Gives your body a boost – Compression therapy increases circulation and helps you maintain your full range of motion, leaving you fresh and limber.
  • Unlocks your next level – Give yourself the competitive advantage of recovery compression boots, and warm up faster, so you are always ready to give it your all.
  • Conquers sore muscles – Compression Therapy is like the best massage of your life. It’s proven to help with lymphatic drainage, and decrease pain and soreness