"The Bradden Method combines traditional
Chinese practices with modern technology to produce transformative physical and emotional results."

Sarah Bradden

Bradden Method

Optimising Aesthetic, Mental and Emotional Well Being.

Described as a ‘spiritual reset and facelift’, The Bradden Method has been designed to treat physical and emotional symptoms, improving overall mental wellbeing and appearance.

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The Bradden Method

A bespoke healing treatment rooted in traditional Chinese acupuncture and enhanced by modern technology.

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The Bradden Treatment

A personalised 360-degree health and anti-ageing therapy inspired by the Bradden method and bio-hacking technologies.

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Ear Seeding Wellness

A bespoke 20 minute treatment combining Acupressure and the application of Ear Seeding crystals to help restore calm, energise, heal, balance and aid recovery. 

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