The Bradden Method

The Bradden Method Treatment

"The Bradden Method is a bespoke treatment rooted in traditional Chinese acupuncture, and
enhanced by modern technology, that I’ve designed to heal each individual based upon my
understanding that everyone’s story and symptoms are different. Including cosmetic acupuncture
to sculpt, tighten and reduce visible signs of ageing, LED light therapy to stimulate a more radiant
appearance, and a prescription of acupressure ear seeds, the treatment works in harmony to
stimulate transformative physical and emotional results." - Sarah Bradden

The Sarah Bradden Method has been specifically designed to treat you and your individual needs - simultaneously healing you on both the inside and outside. Each treatment is tailor-made; helping you restore balance, feel empowered, motivated, and to look and feel the best version of yourself with renewed mental wellbeing and self-love.

Described as a ‘spiritual reset and facelift’, Sarah credits facial acupuncture as a powerful anti-ageing practise to boost skin renewal and achieve a more youthful appearance. The finest quality needles are gently inserted into the face, neck, ears and body, combined with reiki, reflexology, massage, LED light therapy and activated oxygen, Sarah’s unique method helps create homeostasis within the system, leading to improved health, appearance and positive state of mind.

The Bradden Method begins with a consultation and tongue reading to diagnose your emotional and physical health, understand your symptoms and concerns, and specifically tailor your treatment.

To begin, gentle acupuncture techniques and specialist needles are used to relax facial tissue, define, sculpt and encourage renewed circulation. This practise focuses on rejuvenating, re-energising and addressing skin concerns by stimulating, repairing and renewing skin mechanisms from within the dermis, resulting in noticeably invigorated and youthful skin.

Next, your micro system will be targeted using ultra-fine body or ear needles to help balance and heal the body, and assist in facial tissue renewal. The application of an essential Peptide Infusion mask will encourage collagen growth and provide deeply hydrating benefits while reducing any skin redness or pigmentation.

LED light therapy is then applied to targeted areas of the face and body to stimulate healing or aid imbalances, and to activate skin cells and focus on the skin’s cellular regulation. This is a non-invasive and highly advanced addition to cosmetic acupuncture, which aims to reprogram the skins’ ability to adapt to the ageing process, to promote internal healing, collagen and elastin and address skin concerns. Credited by NASA research, specific wavelengths of light targets wrinkles, aiming to improve skin’s barrier function and generate new collagen after its production has slowed due to age or cumulative damage. The LED treatment is simultaneously complemented by reflexology and reiki to activate healing, boost energy channels and restore the body back to a harmonic state while facial massage is applied to help tighten the face and jawline, increase circulation, plump and firm, and promote overall radiance.

Finally, your personalised prescription of The Bradden Method Ear Seeds will be applied to provide continuous acupressure for the days that follow. Made from 24 carat gold, Sarah Bradden recommends that you apply pressure to each seed twice daily or whenever you need to instantly ease and calm your state of mind.

Bradden Method Ear Seeds

They work by stimulating acupressure joints to improve the body’s energy flow, ease your symptoms and stimulate healing.