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“For most of us, life is constantly changing and whether it’s personal or professional, those shifts cause us to feel overwhelmed, tired, anxious, stressed, and sad. We tell ourselves it’s a faze and we’ll be ‘fine’ but in reality, the moment we’re caught off balance, our inner health, mental wellbeing and appearance starts to suffer.  It’s my mission to reverse the damage, and to inspire the confidence and strength to help you feel and look your very best again, because I know first-hand what you’re experiencing.  Having previously found my own personal healing through acupuncture, I’m proof that finding the right treatment makes you physically and mentally stronger on the inside and brighter, happier, more youthful on the outside.  

The Bradden Method is a result of my 20 years experience working within cosmetic acupuncture, reiki, reflexology and massage which I’ve combined with essential LED light technology and activated Oxygen.  It’s a bespoke approach that I tailor to heal the individual based upon my understanding that everyone’s story and symptoms are different.  

Today, I practice The Bradden Method around the world, treating clients of all ages, from various backgrounds.  Despite their differences, each one walks in wanting to feel better; lighter, brighter, more positive, confident, awake and energized, and walks out transformed!”