Introducing the NEW Ear Seeding Wellness Menu by Sarah Bradden

A bespoke 20 minute treatment combining Acupressure and the application of Ear Seeding crystals to help restore calm, energise, heal, balance and aid recovery. 

 The New Ear Seeding Wellness Menu consists of five treatments created by Sarah Bradden to target the most common concerns, leaving you looking and feeling your best.  Whether it’s calm, balance, recovery, energy or a youth boost you are looking for, each treatment provides wellness from the inside out.



The NEW Ear Seeding Wellness Menu

"The ear is like a direct line to the brain; when you apply
acupressure to the ears, you are actually massaging your
parasympathetic nervous system to restore energy and calm.
There are more than 200 acupuncture points in the ear,
which is why the ear is considered one of the most powerful
microsystems. Through acupressure and the application
of ear seeds, appropriate signals are sent to these nerve
centres to body parts, to either heal, boost or ease
discomfort." - Sarah Bradden

Each treatment involves applying ear seed studs or crystals to specific points around the ear that directly correspond to specific organs, emotions and other systems in our bodies.

The crystals are active for up to 5 days after the treatment so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of the treatment at home by applying pressure to the ear seed crystals, wherever and whenever you need a boost.

For those looking to restore a sense of calm

Designed to calm the nervous system and leave you feeling grounded, the Calm treatment induces a peaceful nights sleep and deep restoration by working on the parasympathetic nervous system. Designed to create balance for a calmer day, reducing anxiety and to set you up for  a calmer day ahead.

Focused on hormones, your natural cycle, and rhythm 

Whether it’s your monthly cycle, peri-menopause or menopase, hormones can reak havoc on your nervous system, skin and sleep.  The Balance treatment leaves you feeling centred, grounded and works with your natural rhythm to leave you feeling centred and calm.

For Jet-lag,  hangover, or when recovering from illness 

Focusing on kidney energy, the Recovery treatment brings you back to life.  Working on the shen and Parasympathetic nervous system to reduce fatigue, inflammation and dehydration, leaving you instantly feeling refreshed and ready to go again. 

The Energiser treatment works on all of the key organs to help keep your energy levels topped up, boosting vitality and energy whilst supporting the immune system and increasing mental clarity and alertness. 

The Energiser works to get the Qi flowing, increasing energy throughout the body for immediate and lasting results.

For an instant boost of youth and radiance  

The Antiager treatment works to reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation. Targeting kidneys, which play a vital part of our essence and jing to promote feeling and looking youthful, as well as  working on muscle tone via the spleen, varicosity via the heart and treating fine lines and the signs of ageing by treating the liver.

Bradden Method Ear Seeds

They work by stimulating acupressure joints to improve the body’s energy flow, ease your symptoms and stimulate healing.