The Bradden Method

The Bradden Method Boost Treatment

“It’s scientifically proven that your state of mind and the condition of your skin are intertwined, which is why your skin, hair and general appearance suffer whenever you’re feeling stressed, anxious, tired, upset or generally run-down. I’ve designed The Bradden Method Boost as an overall health and wellbeing MOT to improve energy levels, calm the parasympathetic nervous system and give your skin a renewed glow.” – Sarah Bradden

Exclusive to Hershesons Belgravia, The Bradden Method Boost is an intensive 30-minute bespoke treatment designed to address and alleviate everyday lifestyle stresses helping you to look and feel instantly lighter and brighter.  This signature treatment combines traditional Chinese medicine practises, modern technology and a bespoke prescription of acupressure ear seeds to help relieve and reboot,. Perfect when you need an energy pick-me-up, sleep aid or want to calm your mind and ease anxiety.

Based upon the general principles of acupuncture and TCM, your health depends upon the flow of Qi energy moving freely throughout your body via meridian energy lines that mirror each other, head to toe, ensuring your system remains balanced, and functions.  Stress, illness and poor lifestyle habits block and weaken meridian lines resulting in worsening symptoms and pain, so by keeping healthy Qi flowing freely at all times, your organs work in harmony and your body remains healthy.  When meridian lines are blocked, pressure points are used to release tension, helping the body recalibrate and return to a natural flow.  Ear seeds work to provide continuous mild pressure and can be amplified by gently pressing for a few seconds to alleviate symptons.  Non-invasive, ear seeds sit comfortably on the surface of the ear, making them an accessible and safe option for self-care.

We all know that oxygen is essential for survival, and helping the body regenerate, repair and power. The Bradden Boost incorporates Activated Oxygen which is produced by adding an electrical charge to pure oxygen that alters its original state allowing your system to absorb at cellular level.  This increased absorption enhances the body’s repair mechanisms, activates healing of the nervous system, and fights off bacteria to improve and maintain overall health and wellbeing, aiding and improving digestion, metabolism, blood pressure, sleep and stress. Easily breathable and gently humidified, the activated oxygen enters your body via small nasal tubes that rest comfortably inside your nostrils.

Clinically shown to reduce wrinkles, heal scar tissue, calm acne, stimulate circulation and promote a more youthful appearance, LED Light Therapy helps repair and regenerate, instantly improving skin texture and tone. Using a combination of blue, red and near-infrared wavelengths, together they penetrate at cellular level to specifically target skin concerns, boost collagen and increase elastin production to make skin glow. Lay back, close your eyes and relax under a canopy of light, while the wavelengths get to work, and emerge with a brighter, smoother, firmer complexion.

Bradden Method Ear Seeds

They work by stimulating acupressure joints to improve the body’s energy flow, ease your symptoms and stimulate healing.